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Recruitment Specialists in Exeter

Connecting UK employers with non-EU talent for diverse workforce solutions.

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Recruitment Services For Your Business

At KK Global Recruitment Limited, we Specialise in bringing you qualified staff to meet your business needs.

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Attention Job Seekers, The UK Needs You!

Seeking a UK career opportunity? Get in touch now by clicking the button below.

Why Choose Us for Your Recruitment Needs?

Access to Highly Skilled Global Talent

Do not limit your talent pool. We offer a diverse range of candidates from various backgrounds, each highly trained and proficient in English language.

Tailored Solutions for Various Sectors

Whether you are in healthcare, education, or hospitality, we have specialised candidates who will meet your specific recruitment needs.

Compliant and Ethical Recruitment

Sleep easy knowing that we adhere to the UK Code of Practice for international recruitment, ensuring ethical and legal hiring processes for your business.

Hassle-Free Hiring Process

From sourcing candidates to managing paperwork, we take care of it all. Make your hiring process as smooth as possible with our comprehensive services.

Find Highly Trained, Ethically Sourced Talent for Health & Social Care Jobs

Committed to the UK Code of Practice for international healthcare recruitment, we are your trusted agency for filling job vacancies in England.

Qualified Workers for Your Vacancies

Secure top talent from around the world to fill your job openings. Our candidates are not only skilled but also proficient in English, ensuring seamless integration into your workforce.

Addressing Your Recruitment Challenges

Discover how we can be your go to solution for the complex hiring landscape. We specialise in both international and national recruitment, giving you the best of both worlds.

Tailored Recruitment Solutions Across Sectors

We work with businesses in diverse sectors like education, hospitality, and healthcare. Let us match your company's values and expectations with the perfect candidates.

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Hospital Based Nursing Jobs.

Nursing Jobs in the UK, Non EU workers Wanted.

We are actively recruiting for hospital-based nursing roles throughout the UK. At KK Global Recruitment Agency Limited, we specialise in linking UK hospitals and health organisations with qualified non-EU nurses. Recognising the potential of international nurses and the benefits they bring, we aim to establish strong relationships between health institutions and overseas talent. Whether you are a healthcare provider in need of skilled nursing staff or a non-EU nurse seeking UK employment opportunities, we are your dedicated partner in this journey. Connect with us to benefit from our expertise in the UK healthcare recruitment landscape.

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Care Recruitment Opportunities

Live-in Carer

Female carer carrying out tapping session with a senior client at home

Seeking live-in carer roles in the UK as a non-EU professional? KK Global Recruitment Agency Limited specialises in connecting international caregivers with UK opportunities. Enhance your career in a supportive setting, delivering exceptional care. Join us for UK-based positions tailored for non-EU talent.

Care Home

Nurse Visiting Senior Male Patient At Home

Looking for care home roles in the UK as a non-EU professional? Discover prime opportunities tailored for international talent. We connect caregivers to esteemed UK care homes, offering a platform for growth and a rewarding care environment. Begin your journey in the UK with a care home position.

Care Assistant

caring african medical nurse comforting senior patient in office

Interested in care assistant roles in the UK? We offer a pathway for international candidates to serve in top UK health settings. Embrace opportunities to provide vital support, enhance skills, and integrate with the UK's dynamic healthcare community. Secure your place in the heart of UK care.

Construction Jobs In The UK

The UK awaits your expertise in professional trades. From electrics to plumbing, seize the opportunity to advance your career in a dynamic and supportive work environment.

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We Help You Find Work In The UK

What are the requirements to work in healthcare in the UK?

In the UK, healthcare professionals and care workers face specific criteria. Nurses need an IELTS score of 7 or suitable OET grades. Care workers require an IELTS (UKVI) score of 5+, UK NARIC equivalency, or a PTE (UKVI) score of 43. Additionally, recognised qualifications, background checks like DBS, the right work permissions, and potentially UK-specific training are essential. These measures ensure quality care and effective communication.

Is your agency's recruitment process founded on ethical principles?

As a dedicated recruitment agency, our primary focus is on ethical standards, especially when it comes to international health and social care roles. We believe in a transparent approach for every candidate. Every step we take is in line with the UK Code of Practice for international recruitment, ensuring we adhere to the highest standards set by England. Our commitment to this process ensures candidates experience a seamless journey with us.

How to apply for Health Care jobs in the UK from overseas?

How can I hire non-EU workers in the United Kingdom?

Navigating the steps to secure a care job in the UK from overseas requires understanding distinct roles and their UK-specific requirements. Meeting eligibility, including qualifications and English proficiency via IELTS or OET, is essential. Use specialist recruitment agencies for job applications. Upon receiving a job offer, the visa process, involving employer sponsorship, begins. To ensure a hassle free experience in this complex journey, trust KK Global Recruitment Agency Limited. Find out more here.

To hire non-EU workers in the UK, begin by obtaining a Sponsorship Licence from the UK Home Office. Once you've identified a suitable candidate, assign them a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). The candidate then applies for the relevant visa using this CoS, ensuring they meet language and financial criteria. Following Home Office approval, the candidate can enter the UK. Partnering with a seasoned recruitment agency can streamline this process, ensuring efficiency and compliance.

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